Students are engaging with their teacher during a lesson. He is helping them with some of their written work.

We offer mentoring to our alumni. Mentoring is something that can help a person to focus their attention, whilst having a sounding board of someone to bounce ideas off or ask for advice.
If you have a particular question or require general help, ask our group, and there will be someone on there that has experienced a similar thing, or knows where to get help.

The admin of the Alumni have been actively involved in mentoring of students on a one to one basis through the One Million Mentors, a government led scheme that is there purely to help guide young people through the daunting area of education and career planning. It enables the student to gain a greater understanding of the complexities of employment and the steps that are needed. It works on student driven goal setting basis and moves at their pace. The programme has proved so successful in 2018/19 that it is now being rolled out to all of the UK.

IMM “One Million Mentors’ aim is to ensure that every young person in the country has access to a trained mentor as they transition into adulthood. We believe that facilitating and investing in mentors will help to address the skills gap agenda and improve social cohesion.”

The admin also have experience not only working in schools teaching, but also those working for industry making visits to schools in the area to bring connections between the students and real employers. They have worked with students to give real insight into writing CV’s, planning and undertaking successful interviews, what to expect from a company. The enterprise advice network supports the schools and students to give real knowledge of different industries.

These services are offered to you through the Elmfield Alumni website, any questions that you have regarding next steps, work experience, qualifications, career paths or even entrepreneurship, as away and we will give you the benefit of our experience and that of the rest of the Alumni, who have a wide variety of industries and experience to share with you.

For internships and graduate work placements: