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We highly value our connection with our former students.
We would like to have a vibrant group of interactive members, that contribute to the group and provide interesting information that can be shared and enjoyed by all. This could be sharing stories (happy memories) of our time here or passing on opportunities.

When you leave Elmfield, you can become part of our past member group who have stayed connected over the years and offered support to each other. Most of us have had a positive experience being at the school, not always something that we realised at the time. We have taken the life skills that we learnt, right here, into the world of teaching, business, science, medical and music amongst others and it has helped us forge our careers.


Enjoy the benefits of becoming an alumni member:
Supporting Elmfield School & current students
• Getting in touch with old school friends
• Getting frequent updates on life at Elmfield
• Your Posts
• Create your own niche Group or Club
• Support with Mentoring / Ambassadorship
• Advice & help with Careers
• Personal Elmfield success stories
• View our Facebook Posts & Albums
• Media Gallery
• Messaging
• Add your heart to our ‘Where are you now’ Map
• Fellow Alumni Members